Installation instructionsΒΆ

NB: will be changed after addition of copr-keygen and obs-signd to Fedora repos.

At first we need to provide obs-signd packakge, which right now is provided only for f21:

sudo yum localinstall obs-signd-2.2.1-4.fc21.x86\_64.rpm -y

Install keygen service itself:

sudo yum install copr-keygen

Next we need to copy config for httpd:

cp /usr/share/copr-keygen/httpd/copr-keygen.conf.example /etc/httpd/conf.d/

Copy config for signd and edit allowed hosts:

cp -f /usr/share/copr-keygen/sign/sign.conf/example /etc/sign/conf

Enable services and run them:

systemctl enable signd httpd haveged
systemctl start signd httpd haveged